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Complete Information and Help

Do you have a classic car that you acquired, but you really don't have the time or the know how to get it back in the condition that you need it to be in so that you can drive it around in style? Guess who can help you out with that little situation, that's right Custom Exhaust Works has your back. We can help you with your project. Make your car our next project.

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Hot Rod Work Auto Repair

No matter what type of Hot Rod you are wanting to build, we are the guys to go talk to about it. We can get you set up with one of the best looking hot rods that you have ever seen, here at Custom Exhaust Works that's a promise.

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Ideas and Information

We are the one stop shop for custom work, ideas and information that you can find anywhere. Maybe you already have some ideas, but you are still looking for the perfect something to go with your car, we can help you! Come and visit our Repair Shop

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Paint Jobs Ideas

Whether you are getting a killer new custom paint job or perhaps you just needs some repair work done and want to make sure the paint matches up. We have information to get that job done perfectly for you in our garage shop.

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Custom Headlights Referrals

We can take your fancy sports car; you know the one that looks just like everyone else's that bought that same sports car, but we can make yours look unique. Simply refer you to some custom built headlights that no one else would be able to buy from anywhere!

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Custom Exhaust

Maybe you already own a car, but you want to do some modifications to the exhaust system to make it sound like a stellar custom car. We have more than ample experience building custom exhaust for any particular style that you may like. Contact us today for price quotes or suggestions.

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Rally Racing

If you are trying to get into Rally Racing we can assist you with that dream. We can give your car all the necessary additions to ensure it can hold up to the endurance needed to be a real rally sports car. We have built multiple rally racing cars, so just let us know.