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Cevelle 72
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 Auto Repair

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Motor Installation

Brand New Paint Design

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The next step in customizing that sweet new ride of yours is to lift or lower are a very sweet addition for cars.

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Everyone wants to have that sweet custom ride that just stands out of the crowd and makes people say, "Oh my, look at that freaking sweet car!" So of course the person driving that car should clearly be you right? Heck yea it should be!

 Motor and Transmission Installation

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We are located in Sarasota Bradenton in Florida and no matter if you are building a custom hot rod, or your personal car need repair . We are your one stop shop auto repair that can help you getting your car running again . We have the ability and skills to work on most of the automobiles.

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Our car repair shop mechanics have a combined of many years of experience working in the automotive industry. We have the ability and the know how to get all kinds of jobs done and are not afraid or scared to take on jobs that we have never done before. Even if you just had a random though about something you don't even think can be done, give us a call and you will be pleasantly surprised at our answer!

Custom Engine Work

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We can install everything from nitrous oxide, turbo chargers and any thing else under the sun you can imagine. we also guarantee all of our work to be top notch with no mistakes, that's how we roll. Come on in and find out for yourself.

Custom Interior

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We can get you a totally custom built interior so that you would have something no one else did. Come see us for your interior needs.